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Miyako Hotel

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The Tamon Restaurant - Ohjah Lounge

Come and dine with us! West meets East at the Tamon Restaurant, where you can enjoy delicious creations from our in-house chef.
Be adventurous with Asian-inspired California cuisine. With so many brilliant meals at your finger tips, you’ll truly enjoy the experience. Private dining areas are also available for business and pleasure.

Café Take 5

Café Take 5 presents a new culture and lifestyle for Los Angeles.
We use the purest form of water, Pi Water, to bring you the best coffee and tea in town. We purify our water to 0.5 microns. Pi Water is created by inducing small amounts of ferric ferrous iron in the high energy state to well or tap water. As a result, the water returns to its purest natural characteristics and biological state.
By providing bio-energy, Pi Water supports normal activity of living beings by keeping them in healthy condition. Drinking or taking Pi Water with food can help activities within your body to become healthier.
Enjoy with friends, the rejuvenating uncompromised richness of the purest drinks.