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Miyako Hotel

Images are historical reference only and do not represent current Kintetsu Enterprises Company of America holdings.

Miyako Hotel, First 50 years in California

Kintetsu Enterprise Company of America (KEA, dba Miyako Hotel Los Angeles and Miyako Hybrid Hotel, a subsidiary of Kintetsu Corporation in Japan) set out to bridge East and West in America. In 1968 they created San Francisco’s “Japan Center” by opening the 14 story Miyako Hotel San Francisco and the 50,000 sq. ft. Kintetsu Shopping Center. In 1975 KEA’s presence in the neighborhood expanded with Kyoto Inn, the Buchanan Mall and Japan Town Bowl bowling center. KEA then ventured south to Los Angeles and opened Miyako Hotel Los Angeles in 1989. After 40 years of great business and cultural relationships with The City By the Bay, Kintetsu moved their entire company to The City of Angels, where it continues to call home today.